Will at $pread: “The Red Thread: A Time Line”

“The Red Thread: A Time Line,” by Will Rockwell and Christina Cicchelli, an except from $pread‘s Issue 5.3, the Age Issue

In honor of the many hard-fought battles of those before us, $pread has included a special time line for the Age Issue, highlighting the accomplishments of the sex worker movement. We have limited ourselves to the period between the 1970s and the present in order to spare you the Sumerian cuneiform. We have largely focused in on the U.S. and Canada because of our experience-base and that of our readership. We have, however, taken the opportunity to emphasize the very real impact of a globalized movement on the U.S. and Canada, with entries on the Netherlands, India, South Africa, Mexico and Taiwan, to name a few.

In an effort to spice up the onward-ho foot-dragging of whore history, we have included a few of the more infamous showdowns within the movement, as well as a few choice game-changers that have altered the playing field itself. In researching the time line, we have waded through the tremendous highs of the Whores Congress and Lyon church occupation to the extreme lows of sex worker serial killers like Jeffrey Dahmer and Robert Pickton, as well as the criminal policies of governments and aid packages such as the anti-prostitution pledge. Here’s hoping we learn from the lessons of the past and hustle them into the future. Our increasingly international movement needs movers and shakers now more than ever. Enjoy the time line and enjoy the times. Onward, hos!


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