Will at MotherJones.com: “Lipstick and Elbow Grease,” an Interview

Read the interview here.

I prefer to call this article “Lipstick and Elbow Grease” instead of “It’s Not Selling Your Body, It’s Controlled-Access Rental,” because the latter was chosen by the editors from a quote I explicitly referenced from Craig Seymour that they failed to credit. Additionally, there is a significant misrepresentation in the line “a male sex worker who’s serviced men for almost a decade,” that I have attempted to correct with many phone calls and emails. Let it be said: I worked professionally for more than five years, but while I left home at 16 and pulled my first trick at that time, I only traded sex informally for resources on and off until I started professionally.

Other than these mistakes, I thought the interview was well worth it, and I hope other leftist publications will follow suit. Thank you to Titania Kumeh for the interview and for her continued coverage of sex worker rights issues. In any case, take a load off and read the interview, or just skip the interview and read the very entertaining comments, which I usually avoid but simply couldn’t get away from this round. According to one reader, I have a “VIP mentality” when it comes to sex work. Well, pop open the champagne!


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