Will at TheRumpus.net: “Capitol Gains: Craig Seymour on Stripping in ’90s DC and the Death of Public Sex Venues”

Check out my interview with Craig Seymour, republished on TheRumpus.net. Click the image for the link.

$pread’s Will Rockwell takes a stroll with Craig Seymour in New York’s Lower East Side to get the dish on the debut of Seymour’s recently released memoir, All I Could Bare: My Life in the Strip Clubs of Gay Washington, D.C. Seymour set out to document the gay stripper scene of America’s capital in the nineties and recount his life as a stripper boy, “if not for sale, then at least for controlled-access rental.” This interview traces Seymour’s life and workaday skills from nudie bars like Secrets, Wet, and La Cage to reporting for The Washington Post and tackling an editorship at VIBE Magazine. In the midst of his nineties nostalgia, Seymour finds the time to comment on the mounting “Pink Scare” in the States, as well as D.C.’s $400 million development of the District’s Southeast quarter which stamped out Seymour’s former workplaces.


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